If You are getting depression!

As the revolution took longer than expected, I found many people became depressed. Even some of my friends, who are supposed to be pretty strong, are starting to feel depressed. When some people are depressed, they do not do their daily work regularly, and some do not do it at all. Some people have irregular sleep and wake cycle, irregular food intake, and live without speaking to anyone. But I am a different person when I am displeased or if I become depressed, I look for something to do, and I focus more attention on work such as helping others. When I start thinking and working for other people, unpleasantness disappears, and I don’t get depressed anymore.

When I see others happy and comfortable, I feel glad, and my unhappiness disappears automatically.

In my opinion, if we are depressed at this kind of time, we are considered to have lost 2 times.

  • The first loss is that depression causes us to waste our precious time for nothing. If we waste our time without doing what we should do because of depression and doing useless things, we will lose one time.
  • We will lose one more time because it is the way the military leaders want it to be. They want us to lose our morale and confidence, sink into the mire of trouble, drift downstream, and then give up the revolution.

That’s why we are losing two times by being what they want to be. Some people give up thinking that nothing will change whatever they do. The revolution will take longer than necessary if there are more and more people like that.

So, don’t get discouraged and don’t be depressed. If my colleagues are depressed, there are 3 things I would like to suggest –


The first thing is to do Self-Care. Doing self-care means sleeping on time, eating on time, doing daily work on a regular basis, and doing the things you love to relax. Some people will say that they don’t have a clear conscience to be happy when people are being arrested, killed, and their homes are burned. This is also true. But what if we are miserable and depressed? What is the point of doing nothing because of miserableness, depression, and disgust? Who is going to treat us if we get a gastrointestinal disease because of eating nothing? How can we fight against this terrorist military if we have been bedridden with various diseases? That’s why it is important to do self-care. I myself also once do revolutionary work compulsively for about six months without playing football, without playing cane ball, and without going outside because of feeling guilty and not having a clear conscience to do self-care. The consequence is that it affects my eyes and back. That’s why I remind my colleagues to make sure to take care of yourselves. In order to revolt against the military dictator in long term, we need to be physically and mentally healthy.

Self-Development or Personal Development

The second thing I would like to suggest is Self-Development or Personal Development. Self-development can also be a good treatment for depression. Self-development is an important issue not only during this revolution but also throughout life. At this point, there may be some people who want to point out that aren’t we ashamed to do for our own interests when many people are in revolution, and in trouble. In my opinion, it depends on the situation and the cause. A CDM employee lost her job for the sake of the country and is not getting a salary, so she is facing a problem with daily bread. In this kind of situation, she doesn’t care about the pride and dignity she had before and sells things online. If she doesn’t sell, she will be in trouble. We can’t blame her such as “Aren’t you ashamed of doing business at this time?”, “The revolution posts are covered by your selling posts.” She is selling things because, in her brain and intelligence, she considered that selling things for a living is better than kneeling under military boots, more dignified than betraying the people, and the word ” vendor” more elegant than the word “bawma”. Some CDM students and CDM employees are attending free educational courses, filling the necessary skills/life skills for life. Now that online federal schools have appeared, people understand that computer knowledge and languages such as English are mandatory. At this kind of time, it is nice that people try to learn.

The necessary skills must be filled to become efficient people and efficient employees in order to contribute to the rebuilding of the country after the revolution is successful. Only if we have the ability, we can be able to help others. In order to help others, we need to fulfill our subsistence. It is very difficult for a person who is struggling to stand even alone to help another person.

Therefore, I would suggest all to attend the capacity upgrading course. And read at home, reading is one of the best ways to improve yourself. It’s also inexpensive, so don’t be lazy to read. On the contrary, when I see people who have enough wealth to last for many lifetimes these days, who are eager to run business at this kind of time, I see it as greed. Such people can be defined as people who only look at their own interests, such as those so-called artists who desperately doing business while colleague artists are losing their jobs and their lives in revolting against the dictator, and those motivational speakers, knowing that the people are suffering so much in the life of military slavery, they desperately seek business in the name of art.

I was really surprised that how could they survive with that kind of heart when I saw that they were talking so hard about how to make it grow and prosper.


The last thing I would like to suggest is to avoid Selfishness.

A selfish person doesn’t care about other people’s lives or feelings. It is important to be careful not to become a selfish person while trying to self-develop while doing self-care as mentioned above. Not being a selfish person means not losing sight of the revolution and continuing to work on the revolutionary work. It is important to fight the revolution with all your strength and abilities, no matter where you are. Don’t let yourself become a selfish person by doing self-care and self-development while others are participating in the revolution mentally and physically. As the number of selfish people increases, the revolution will take longer and the people will suffer more.

So, I want all to take special care not to be one of those people. As for me, no matter how unpleasant things I face, I overcome the concept of impermanence. I overcome by keeping in mind that these will not last forever, it’s just for a moment. I also do self-care regularly, try to self-develop, and do all the things that will help the revolution as much as I can. I overcome this depressing world by thinking and working for the public benefit as much as I can.

May everyone be healthy and safe. The uprising must be successful.

#Moe Kha

#24th July 2022

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