Everyone working in the daily life, they have more or less stress. The higher living person may have higher risk and higher stress.

There are different ways of releasing the stress. There are several ways to release the stress describe at everywhere. Stress must be released and it can effect to your health. And life must be balanced with time of work, relationship and fun.

What is the effective one is according to take the stress and how to release the stress. If you are like to voice out stress, it could be easy to stress release.

Some wrote that you break the hold stress then you can be happier than others and healthier. Stress is automatic response from the nervous system and some can control the stress

  • The first solution is to identify the source of stress and impact
    • You must know what made you stress.
    • Find the source of stress
    • how you feel
  • How you manage your stress
    • Do exercise
      • Walk or jogging
      • Join the sports
    • Communicate with Others
      • Meet with family or friends and talk about something different
      • Talk with co-workers
      • Join the volunteer work
      • Mail to old friends
      • Join with new friends
    • Have a relaxation time and get funs
      • Listen the music
      • Visit to city around
      • Get a nap and have a good dream
      • Have a manfulness for metal well-being
        • which is pretty simple and effective once you have done
        • It works with breath in and breath out, while you are concentrating breathing and mind will be cleared and calm. Do meditate about 5-10 mins everyday.
    • Time management
      • Manage your time carefully such as you do your tasks on time get the break time regularly
      • Manage the projects into small ports , delegate the responsibilities and focus on the manageable parts
    • Maintain Healthy life style
      • Do regular exercise and get on diet
      • Reduce the sweetening food like snacks to get diet
      • Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and drugs
      • Get enough sleep everyday
    • Do Meditation

Everyone will notice about the dangerous side effects of important stress. We need to release, clean the stress and fresh out the days . Hence we can have a happy life style and fresh memory everyday.

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