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Under the dictatorship,

The civil servants are happy.

They corrupt for money.

They beg for money.

They get a better life.

Therefore, they’re really happy.

But, they are not real civil servants.

They are the servants of the dictatorship.

who have no good will and do not look ahead

for the benefit of people.

Ask to Real civil servants how about better life and better living. They would answer “Yes”.

Moreover, they do want not only their lives but also the lives of people to be prosperous.

They don’t want to step on the lives of people for their life to get higher.

That’s why they who are Real civil servants participate in CDM. ( Civil Disobedience Movement)

The real civil servants sacrifice, struggle, are facing hardship and are criticized.

But, they are still going on with a smile.

They exchange food for dignity after abandoning their beloved carrier and lost their income.

Even they need help, they hesitate to tell.

People should understand that and give a hand for help and support.

Even if you don’t want to help, please don’t say anything bothersome to them.

CDMers are still standing for democracy like pyitinehtaung in the midst of many difficulties.

#Credit to Phyoe Kyaw

(4th June 2022)

7:01 PM

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