Are you planning to travel to Japan

There is one city to visit. I have heard about that city. City is old city and there was a old palace .

Plenty of shrines and temples in the city. To be exact, about 400 shrines and about 1600 temples. It looks alike Mandalay and Bagan which are old ancient cities.

Plenty of foreigners tourist visit to every famous shrines and temples. Majority from city takes bicycles on platform and familiar and less accidents on platform.

Even city is old city it built as modern city such as there are subways and trains. The two cities are too closed and easy to travel in 10 minutes via train.

Roads are narrow and

Only the main road is wide and rest of the streets are narrow, only the small cars can go in to the lane.

For the food, no need to worry and everywhere is food house. Small shops open in the small streets and sometimes not enough space to sit in the shop. Only 4 or 5 persons went in and shop is already full house.

People from city are old enough and sometimes can see them in bus. And in the bus, there is elderly reserved seats and do not expect to sit, many oldies will come up and find that seats.

Can you guess what is the city name? In Japan, you can visit to that town via Bullet Train.

Tell me what is the city to travel?

  • Tokyo
  • Kyoto
  • Osaka
  • Hakkaido

Tell me what is the city to travel?

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