• Make a weekly plan
  • Always organized
  • Regular breaks at regular intervals
  • Have a clear routine
  • Measure results, not your time
  • Do not make multitask (focus on one task at a time)
  • Regularly re-evaluate
  • Automate More Tasks
  • Finding efficient ways to complete tasks

When it comes to time management, there are a few rules which can help to manage time better achievement such as single tasking instead of multitasking.

Setting schedule, high priority list, to do lists, off the emails for limited time, silent the mobile phone and focus on the task which to be completed at a time. Then can concentrate on the main task and more productive. There is another ways to be productive is to use tool. As long as you can create automated tools, give time to create the automated tools and use them to save manual work and save time.

Why Important

  • Can Save Energy
  • Increase Motivation
  • Make your More Valuable
  • Increase Productivity
  • Increase Self-esteem

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